Monday, November 28, 2005

Biking around bumstead...

I made it around the whole of Umstead Park for the first time on thanksgiving. It was an amazing bike ride - spectacular views, solitary peace, killer uphills and roller-coaster downhills. I started out on Old Reedy Creek, rode to the airport overlook and turned in to the dirt road leading to the big lake. Past the big lake it was on to Graylyn Trail and then a left on to North Turkey Creek trail for the best part of the ride. This section of the trail system had very few riders on it. It also had single track type portions with sharp turns and crazy slopes. North Turkey Creek goes right by Ebenezer Church road before becoming South Turkey Creek. This trail leads back to Reedy Creek trail with a few more uphills. Past Reedy Creek lake is the worst hill of the ride just past the Graylyn intersection. Once past that it was smooth sailing once again right up to the beautiful sunset over Crab tree lake. Such beauty, so close to home is something to behold. I'll add pictures to this post later on. For now google is your guide if you want pictures.



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I guess the photos will never materialize..

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